GardenRite -- Two product lines to make your pots and containers look right.

GardenRite's products are practical solutions invented by a gardener, for gardeners.

No one likes tilted pots and containers but until now there has been no good way of getting them straight on sloped surfaces.

GardenRite's first line of products is the Potlevel (TM) that lets you put pots, birdbaths and ornaments straight on sloped areas.

Potlevel consists of two round wedges. You can change the thickness of the Potlevel by turning the wedges. In this way, the potlevel fits any slope and provides a flat surface on top, so that your pot, birdbath or ornament can sit nice and straight. The Potlevel has been patented, with more patents pending, and is now going on sale through mail order and retail stores.

GardenRite's second product line, Pot Toes (TM), solves a related problem - getting pots and containers of all types off the surface of decks, porches and patios, to eliminate the staining - and sometimes rotting -- that results when a container sits directly on the deck or patio surface. The improved air and water circulation also helps plants thrive. Pot Toes patents are pending.